Warren Farm - Ampthill

The Warren Farm development at Ampthill is a scheme being brought forward by a partnership of two experienced developers. They required a website that kept existing local residents and potentially new ones informed of its progress. Live Btter Locations Ltd have been retained to produce the website in a manner that allows the clients to update the site with the necessary information as necessary.  This empowers the developers as opposed to the more common model that requires website management by the designer. Do you have a development that needs this type of website? Please contact us for more information on 0843 289 1968.


Latest News



7th September 2011






Specialist forestry management contractors have entered the woodland to the south of the Warren Farm site today to carry out woodland management work. This is not related to the allocated residential development on land north of the trees, and instead is part of the management work required to look after the woodland here. The work involves thinning the woodland by removing every other row of trees. This allows the trees to grow to maturity in a healthy fashion and helps to prevent the spread of a common fungal infection that is presently visible as black spots and patches in the trees foliage.


Adoption of Site Allocations DPD


Following the independent Inspector’s conclusion that the Site Allocations Development Plan Document is sound, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Full Council Committee agreed to endorse the document at its meeting on the 14th April 2011. The document is now adopted and forms part of the Development Plan for Central Bedfordshire (north).


Stakeholders Group


On the 21st June, the first meeting of the Stakeholders Group took place. More detail on this see www.warrenfarmampthill.com/stakeholdersgroup.html